Survey of World History - SS3310
(SWH - SS3310)

This two-semester high school course is aligned
to the National Social Studies standards as well
as to state standards and specifically addresses
performance objectives focused on history,
government, economics, geography, culture, and
social studies skills. This course will provide students
an opportunity to learn about the political, economic,
and social aspects of world history, beginning with
topics from prehistory and culminating in the events
of the 21st Century. Students will journey through
ancient river-valley civilizations, classical civilizations,
and into the society of the Middle Ages. Students
will also explore the major revolutions and social
movements that have influenced different nations
and eventually spread throughout the world. During
this course, students will be exposed to a variety of
pressing issues that have garnered opportunities for
both conflict and cooperation in the modern world.
Students must have completed the Middle School
World History – SS1105 course in order to take this